Healthcare Analytics Use Cases

Pharmaceutical Data Analysts

Whether you are a small, mid-sized, or larger pharmaceutical company, our analysts are able to provide cleaned and curated datasets specific to customer needs. Refreshed data feeds that reflect real-time patient volumes for clinical trial matching based on most recent trends and allows for in-depth information about treatment patterns which assists in product development.


  • Drug Efficacy Analysis: Use our Real-World Data solutions to understand how your pharmaceuticals perform in real-world settings, beyond controlled clinical trials.
  • New Indications Discovery: Leverage our data to identify potential new indications for existing drugs, uncovering new therapeutic areas.
  • Market Access Strategy: Rely on our RWD and RWE to inform market access strategies, assessing potential demand, competitive landscape, and treatment pathways.
  • Post-Marketing Surveillance: Utilize our ongoing data refreshers for post-marketing surveillance, tracking the safety and effectiveness of drugs after they reach the market.
  • Pharmacovigilance: Leverage our data to monitor and analyze adverse drug reactions, contributing to safer pharmaceutical products.

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Clinical Trial Data

We are able to help you with overcoming trial recruitment challenges by using patient identification technology and designing external control arms using regulatory-grade real-world data. This data then lowers patient and investigator burden. In turn, it expands the understanding of patients beyond the constraints and time period, allowing for more effective and in-depth clinical trials.


  • Trial Design: Use our patient journey analysis and disease state insights to design efficient and effective clinical trials.
  • Patient Recruitment: Leverage our RWD to identify eligible patient populations for trials based on specific inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • Site Selection: Utilize our geographic and demographic data to choose ideal locations for trial sites, maximizing patient recruitment and retention.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Use our real-time data collection to monitor trial progress and patient outcomes, enabling quick adjustments as needed.
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER): Use our RWE to compare the effectiveness of different treatments, helping to inform trial design and interpret trial results in a broader context.

Disease Specific R&D

Our large database of de-identified patient records is designed to be searchable, allowing researchers to find specific disease states including oncology, infectious diseases, and many more. This allows them to pinpoint providers in hospitals at the NPI level. When medication is administered, drug records follow patients across encounters, mapping adverse events through surveillance data. This then gives vital insight on patient encounters and treatment outcomes.


  • Data-Rich Decision Making: Access to clean, diverse, and real-time data from over 20 million unique patients, leading to data-driven decisions and strategies.
  • Streamlined Patient Recruitment: Effective patient recruitment for clinical trials using targeted patient cohorts identified through our comprehensive data.
  • Unveiled Market Insights: In-depth understanding of the healthcare market, disease prevalence, treatment pathways, and emerging trends to drive strategic decision-making.
  • Accelerated Healthcare Innovation: Speedy innovation supported by our robust, clean, and real-time data sets.
  • Assured Data Security: Ensured data privacy and security with our strict protocols and practices, promoting trust in our data and analytics services.

Medical Device Companies

Imagine being able to assess the real-world performance of your medical devices beyond the confines of clinical trials. We provide comprehensive data sets that enable you to make informed decisions throughout the product lifecycle. Leverage our robust and diverse real-world data to improve product development, enhance market strategy, and maintain post-market surveillance. Additionally, our data can assist in identifying new therapeutic areas and perfecting market access strategies.


  • Real-World Device Performance: Draw upon our data to understand the efficacy and safety of your medical devices in real-world conditions, beyond the controlled environments of clinical trials.
  • Innovation and Expansion: Use our data to explore novel applications for existing devices and drive your R&D efforts into potential new markets.
  • Market Strategy Formulation: Leverage our data to formulate effective market strategies, from understanding potential demand and competition to planning optimized treatment pathways.
  • Post-Market Monitoring: Utilize our up-to-date datasets for post-market surveillance, ensuring continued safety and effectiveness of devices after market introduction.
  • Privacy and Security: Rest assured with our commitment to data privacy and security. We implement stringent measures to safeguard all collected and shared data.