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Comprehensive Data Collection

Our data is used by a variety of providers, hospitals, and health systems. Teton Analytics provides clean, robust, and diverse data that empowers innovation in the healthcare and life science industries.

Drawing from an expansive EMR dataset of over 20 million unique patients, our platforms are updated daily to support the real-world data needs of pharmaceutical, medical device, and CRO companies. We handcraft decades of data to drive solutions for research and development, market access, and commercial teams solving complex life science needs.

Beyond traditional healthcare settings, our data also serves government researchers, guiding them in breakthrough studies and fostering collaborations between public health and industry. Our commitment to accuracy ensures that professionals have the most up-to-date information, enhancing patient care and optimizing medical interventions. Furthermore, with the integration of advanced analytics, we offer actionable insights that go beyond mere numbers, delivering a strategic edge in an ever-evolving industry. By maintaining stringent data privacy standards, we ensure the trust of our partners and users, underscoring our role as a reliable data ally. Ultimately, Teton Analytics stands as a beacon for transformative healthcare solutions, catalyzing advancements and shaping the future of medicine.

Interfaces with over sixteen sources of structured EMR data

Allergy, Billing Records, Diagnosis, Dietary, Dispense History, Clinical Documentation, EMAR, Encounters/ADT, Lab, Vitals Records, Microbiology, Orders History, Pharmacy History, Patient Problem Lists, Patient Demographics, Procedure Records, Radiology Results, Surgery Details

Power Your Innovation With Our Transformative Healthcare Data

At Teton Analytics, we are at the forefront of healthcare and data analytic technology. As a diverse team of industry experts, we are equipped to support the real-world needs of our clients. We draw our data from over 20 million unique patients which helps our clients effect real change in healthcare. The impact of our clean, quality data is proven through the life-changing innovations our data supports.


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Acute Care Setting

Our data assets span a vast and varied spectrum, ensuring a richness that supports diverse research and clinical needs. At the heart of our data collection strategy is the Acute Care Setting, where we glean invaluable insights directly from the healthcare frontlines, covering inpatient, emergency room, and hospital outpatient areas. Our approach is EHR agnostic, meaning we can seamlessly collect data across different Electronic Health Record systems, enhancing the comprehensiveness and utility of our datasets. Furthermore, we collaborate with Academic Institutions, which are typically large hospitals endowed with a teaching component, and IDN’s (Integrated Delivery Networks) that encompass a broad range of healthcare settings, from in-patient care to satellite facilities. By anchoring our data collection in these acute care settings, we ensure that our users receive a well-rounded, holistic, and actionable dataset.


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Depth of Disease States

As we delve deeper into the intricacies of health data, our emphasis extends to a comprehensive exploration of disease states. Our datasets provide insights into a wide array of illnesses, offering researchers and healthcare professionals a lens into the patterns, challenges, and opportunities inherent in patient care. A significant highlight of our collection is the detailed information on the top 10 diseases impacting patients in the United States. These insights not only shed light on prevalence rates but also help guide strategies for prevention, treatment, and patient engagement. Understanding the depth and nuances of these disease states empowers stakeholders to develop informed interventions, optimize patient outcomes, and pave the way for transformative healthcare solutions.


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Mapping Our Data Footprint Across the US

Visualizing data can often provide clarity and perspective, and our maps offer a tangible representation of our extensive patient and hospital reach. Spread across the length and breadth of the United States, our data assets encompass a wide demographic, capturing diverse patient experiences and healthcare trajectories. These geographical mappings allow users to identify patterns, assess regional healthcare disparities, and strategize targeted interventions. From bustling urban centers to serene rural locales, our data provides a panoramic view of healthcare delivery, challenges, and successes. As you navigate our maps, you’ll witness the expansive scope of Teton Analytics’ influence, reaffirming our commitment to comprehensive, accessible, and actionable data.


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