Case Study

In a world where the menace of drug-resistant bacterial infections, known colloquially as “Super Bugs,” threatens global health, the need for innovative solutions becomes paramount. One of the top three global pharmaceutical giants recognized this alarming trend and envisioned using real-world data to formulate a targeted therapeutic strategy against these formidable adversaries.

The Challenge

Super Bugs are not merely a product of overactive imaginations; they are a grim reality that demands a resolute response. The mounting challenge: designing a therapeutic solution for infections and infectious diseases, with a concentrated focus on antimicrobial resistance.

Given the vastness of the challenge, relying solely on limited or outdated data would be insufficient. The pharmaceutical company required comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate data to guide their approach.

Therapeutic area:

infections and infectious diseases

Disease area:

antimicrobial resistance

Data source:

U.S. acute-care hospitals

The Teton Solution

Enter Teton Analytics. Recognizing the gravity of the situation and the vast potential of real-world data, Teton collaborated closely with the pharmaceutical behemoth. Our solution? A license granting access to five years of meticulously collected historical data from U.S. acute-care hospitals, specifically focusing on infections and infectious diseases. But we didn’t stop there. To ensure the pharmaceutical company had its finger on the pulse of this dynamic challenge, we provided monthly data updates for an entire year.

The Outcome: A National Antibiogram

This collaboration bore fruit in the form of a National Antibiogram, a comprehensive report detailing the effectiveness of various antibiotics against different bacterial strains prevalent in U.S. acute-care hospitals. More than a mere report, this Antibiogram serves as an invaluable tool championing antimicrobial stewardship.

With this data in hand, the pharmaceutical company’s medication developers gained a significant edge. They could now accurately predict emerging zones of antibiotic resistance. This foresight meant they could tailor their therapeutic solutions to address current market needs and anticipate future challenges.


This case illustrates the power of real-world data when leveraged correctly. Through a synergistic partnership, Teton Analytics and the pharmaceutical giant not only addressed a pressing global health challenge but also paved the way for future innovations. Real-world challenges demand real-world solutions, and at Teton, we are proud to be at the forefront of such transformative collaborations.